Is Being Single An Alternative Lifestyle?

When you hear the term “alternative lifestyle” what comes to mind? Goths, swingers, vegans maybe? Well what about singles?

I know you’re probably thinking, Ericka where are you going with this?

Well for starters, lets look at a few definitions for alternative lifestyle.

- “An alternative lifestyle is a lifestyle generally perceived to be outside the cultural norm.”

- “Unconventional way of life: a way of living adopted by people who reject the prevailing lifestyle, often because they consider it to be too materialistic or too dependent on technology.”

- “A relationship philosophy or way of thinking that differs from what is expected in a particular culture or society.”

So it seems that having or living an alternative lifestyle is a choice. Something out of the norm that you decide to be apart of. So with that being said…

Is it ‘normal’ to be in a relationship?

Well, that’s a tough question. Some people have to be in relationships. We all know that person that is never single for longer than a month. And for them, that is normal. I like to call these people serial daters. I say “daters” because it’s hard to call it a relationship when it lasts 2 months tops. But look at your circle of friends…are most people in committed relationships or is everyone just kind of dating around?

According to a 2009 study done by the U.S. Census Bureau, “There are 96 million people in the United States who have no spouse. That means 43 percent of all Americans over the age of 18 are single.” Single meaning never married. So out of that 96 million, how many do you think aren’t dating someone seriously? Oh I’d guess about 90 million! But 43%  is still less than half of the people polled. So the single life may not be that normal, though it is close.


Do some people choose to be single?

Now that you have an idea of how many people are living in Single City around the country…let’s think, how many of these people actually want to be single? It’s no surprise that the amount of men looking for a commitment is lower, but you may be surprised at the amount of women that don’t want to settle down and love the idea of dating with no commitment.

“I want to get married and have children one day, but that day isn’t today. I’m honestly just not interested in bringing someone home to meet my parents. There are so many interesting and unique people out here, I just want to experience that before I make a commitment to one guy.” said April Phillips a 27-year-old Atlanta native.

Plenty of women love the rush of getting all dolled, going on day dates, having a great time, then going home to set up a date with another guy. And these dates have nothing to do with sex. Just going out meeting new people and experiencing new things without the pressure of “Where is this relationship going?”

Men enjoy doing the same thing. They may be busy with work and just have no time to settle down and devote all their attention to one woman, so they date around.

And according to the CB study, “there were 904 dating services available as of 2002″ so finding a date shouldn’t be too hard if you’re the adventurous type.


Are you forced into this alternative lifestyle?

“For every 100 single women, there are 88 unmarried men available.” Could it be that you want to be in a loving relationship? You have so much to bring to the table: education, good if not great looks, wit and charm, financial and mental stability, and much more. So why are you single? That’s an entirely different blog, but the question remains…are you forced into living a single lifestyle? Probably not. You could probably be dating someone but choose not to because they may not meet the standards you have set for a life partner…again, another blog.

I do believe that being single could be considered an alternative lifestyle that you just don’t choose for yourself. There’s probably a more appopriate word for it, but I can’t think of it at the moment. Where do you stand?